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(Mencius · Teng Wengong Xia)

(孟子 |滕文功夏)

Nowadays, there are overwhelming books on the interpretation of "Guiguzi", full of bookstores and stalls everywhere


A famous teacher makes a good student, and a good student will become a famous teacher. The reason why Gui Guzi became a famous teacher of the "net celebrity" in the Warring States period, and even developed into a two-thousand-year-old IP, has nothing to do with his students turning the world upside down.


My favorite gentleman remembered the second episode of "Journey to the West". Before Sun Monkey went down the mountain, he was in the same mood as a college student graduated now.


The Patriarch Bodhi waved his hand again and again and said:


As a teacher, no one knows how many students can make noise after graduation.


Representatives of strategists


Sima Qian wrote in "Historical Records · Biography of Su Qin":


The Biography of Zhang Yi also said:


Although the narrative is brief, Tai Shigong believed that based on the historical data available at the time,


Later, representatives of military strategists who were active in the war between Wei and Qi before Su Qin and Zhang Yi became famous


"Historical Records: Biography of Sun Tzu Wu Qi" only records "


The argument that Sun Bin and Pang Juan learned the Art of War from Guiguzi was first derived from the records of the Taoist Cang compiled in the Tang Dynasty.


This statement gradually gains popularity. In the Song Dynasty, Hong Mai’s brother


Hong Shi, Ouyang Xiu and Zhao Mingcheng are also known as the three masters of Jinshi in the Song Dynasty.




If Sun Bin, Pang Juan, Su Qin, and Zhang Yi all come from Guiguzi's sect and are reliable, we can roughly estimate the age of Guiguzi's life. Here is a quote from Professor Xu Fuhong who has been studying Guiguzi for many years:


Sun Bin and Pang Juan were the early students of Guiguzi, and Su Qin and Zhang Yi were his later disciples.


When Sun Bin and Pang Juan came out, the most powerful of the seven countries was


After the three divisions, Wei was the first to reform and become stronger among the seven heroes of the Warring States Period. Others are still 4G networks, and Wei Guo is already using 5G.


During his reign, Li Piao was appointed as the minister, and his staff even more


The veteran power of Qi in the east also had to rely on Wei's prestige.


When, the same phase


Wei Wuhou immediately gave Tian He a hand, and sent an envoy to inform the Emperor Zhou and the princes of the world that Tian and my brother should be the monarch. Who approves and who opposes?


Emperor Zhou had no choice but to agree. In 386 BC, Tian Heli became a vassal and established Tian's Qi State.


To Wei Wenhou's grandson


He once said to Qin Xiaogong,


After Pang Juan came out of the army, he came under the banner of King Wei Hui and became a general of the State of Wei. He had a bright future. In modern terms, they are excellent graduates of Guiguzi, who entered the Fortune 500 as executives as soon as they left school.

庞娟出兵之后,他被威惠国王banner下,成为魏国将军。他的前途光明。用现代的话来说,他们是Guiguzi的优秀毕业生,他们离开学校后就以高管身份进入《财富》 500强。

But Pang Juan was psychologically distorted and treated his classmates


Pang Juan secretly invited Sun Bin, and the two old classmates looked for opportunities to talk about the past. As soon as Sun Bin came to the Wei State, he became a prisoner, and Pang Juan found a crime and punished him with punishment and tattoos.


Sun Bin was tortured not by removing his kneecap as in some novels, but by cutting off his feet.


Hu Sanxing explained when he annotated "Zizhitongjian":

hu San型explained when和annotated "Z I之痛减":

In any case, Sun Bin must write the word "miserable" in capitals. I thought it was a happy classmate gathering, but it turned out to be a tragedy on earth. Is it possible to thank my classmates for not killing?


If it were not for the envoy of Qi that happened to be an envoy to Wei, he met with Sun Bin and discovered his amazing talent and secretly brought him back to Qi, Sun Bin might have lived in humiliation for his entire life.


After Sun Bin arrived in Qi, he was first


One day, when Tian Ji raced with the sons of Qi, Sun Bin found that the horsepower difference between Tian Ji and the other sons was not very far, which can be roughly divided into upper, middle and lower. He said to Tian Ji privately: "I have a way to make you win. ."


Tian Ji had a lot of trust in Sun Bin, and after listening, he set a big bet with King Qi Wei and the masters present.


Sun Bin went on to say to Tian Ji: "You first use the inferior horses against the superior horses of your sons, and then use the superior horses to compete with their mid-level horses. In the end, they only have the inferior horses available, and then you send the mid-level horses." Sun Bin This trick is a classic game theory.


Tian Ji went according to plan, and the result was two wins and one loss, and easily collected his daughter. After the game, Tian Ji did not treat Sun Bin badly, and directly introduced him to King Qi Wei.


Sun Bin's grand cause of revenge began.


In 354 BC, the pretentious King Wei Hui ordered Pang Juan to lead an army of 80,000 troops to besiege Handan, the capital of Zhao State. Zhao Guo looked around, and the one who dared to challenge Wei Guo was also Qi Guo, and he quickly asked Qi Wei for help.


King Wei of Qi obeyed his minister Duan Ganpeng


Although Handan is known as the place of the Four World Wars, it is extremely tenacious. Wei Guo besieged it for nearly a year, and it took a lot of setbacks to conquer it.


Seeing that the time had come, King Qi Wei sent an army to rescue Zhao. He wanted to use Sun Bin as his general. Sun Bin thanked him again and again, saying: "I am just a tortured person and cannot be a general." King Qi Wei had to make Tian Ji the main general, and Sun Bin as the military commander, to go out with the army and make suggestions.


Tian Ji lacked his heart, leading the army and wanted to go north to rescue Zhao. Sun Bin promptly dissuaded and proposed


Sun Bin suggested that Tian Ji send two suspicious soldiers to attack Pingling, the military town of Wei.


The two suspicious soldiers of Qi were defeated before they arrived in Pingling and returned in defeat. Pang Juan thought that Tian Ji didn't understand the art of war, so naturally he underestimated the enemy.


After paralyzing the Wei army, Tian Ji and Sun Bin sent another suspected soldier to the beam, all the way to the foot of the capital of Wei. King Wei Hui panicked, and quickly called Pang Juan back to his teacher to help him.


Pang Juan had just won in Handan. He was already in a hurry. He abandoned his luggage and led the main force of the Wei army to return to the rescue of the beam, trying to defeat the Qi army in a battle.


The way of Wei Army


It sounded the alarm bell for Wei to go downhill. When Wei was entangled with Qi and Zhao, Qin was in Yuanli


Sun Bin did not kill Pang Juan, nor did he retaliate. After the war, Pang Juan was sent back to Wei State, and the hatred between the two did not end there.


In 342 BC, King Wei Hui once again used Pang Juan as his general and sent troops to defeat Korea. After receiving South Korea's request for help, Qi State sent Tian Ji and Sun Bin to lead the army to attack Wei.


This time Wei Guo did not get fooled again, and resolutely gave up South Korea. King Wei Hui faced the Qi army with his son Shen as the general and Pang Juan as the general.


Sun Bin offers to Tian Ji to lure the enemy deep


In the next few days, the Qi army retreated again and again. The stove prepared to feed 100,000 people on the first day was reduced to 50,000 the next day, and the third was reduced to 30,000.


Pang Juan chased after him and was overjoyed seeing the changes in the number of Qi army stoves in the past three days. He said:


Sun Bin buried the pit, waiting for Pang Juan to jump in.


At sunset, Pang Juan chased to Maling Road. There are ravines and narrow roads in the Maling area. The main force of the Qi army has long been ambushing here. He also deliberately chose a big tree and wrote a line of "Pang Juan died under this tree."


Qi Jun selected ten thousand people who were good at shooting, lay in ambush, and ordered: "After nightfall, when you see the enemy raising fire, you will release arrows!"


After Pang Juan got under the tree, he had just finished reading a line, Qi Jun sent out all his arrows, and Wei Jun was in chaos and trampled on himself. Knowing that he would lose, Pang Juan drew his sword and killed himself. Before he died, he scolded Sun Bin angrily: "Successfully became the name of a son!"


In the Battle of Ma Ling, the main force of the Wei State army was lost, and it was never recovered. The dispute between Sun Bin and Pang Juan ended with the earth-shattering changes in the current situation. The same mentor brothers killed each other, starting with tragedy and ending with tragedy.


Qi State ended Wei’s hegemony, but did not replace him as the new hegemon, and then it was the western one who rose.


Sima Qian summarized the hundred schools of pre-Qin scholars as


We are weak and attack one strong for


In old histories such as "Historical Records" and "Warring States Policy", Su Qin was Zhang Yi's senior brother.


His experience is quite inspirational. When he first came out of the mountain, his career suffered from repeated setbacks, and several job applications were returned empty-handed. His family laughed at him: "According to the Zhou people's old custom, either farming for a living, or working in business. Now you are trying to profit from your tongue, and it is not appropriate to give up the last."


Su Qin was ashamed of accomplishing nothing, but did not abandon himself or blame others, but responded to those contemptuous words with firm eyes. From then on, Su Qin stayed behind closed doors and immersed himself in studying hard. Whenever he stayed up late to study and was drowsy, he would pierce his head with a stab and beat his spirit.


He set his ambition: "Will those who persuade the monarch not be rewarded for gold, jade, flowers, and officials worshiping the officials?"


When you are repeatedly questioned, you should not "glass heart", and when your ability cannot support your ambition, you should calm down and learn. Su Qin is just like that. After studying hard for a year, he finally developed a set of vertical and horizontal techniques, claiming: "This can be said to be the king of the world!"


The life of a successful man is not boring and boring.


When Su Qin Yijin returned to his hometown, the attitude of his family who had been dismissive of him in the past changed 180 degrees. His parents greeted him 30 miles out of the city. His wife did not dare to look up at him, but dared to listen to him by turning her ears. His sister-in-law fell on the ground and repeatedly pleaded for crime.


Su Qin smiled and said, "Why is my sister-in-law so prosperous?"


His sister-in-law replied respectfully: "Now you are so rich."


Su Qin sighed lightly and said the famous saying from the ages:


After that, Su Qin generously distributed a thousand gold rewards to those relatives and friends who once looked down on him.


When Su Qin’s career took off, his junior


Once, Zhang Yi lobbied in Chu State and drank with Chu State Ling Yin. Chu State ordered Yin just to lose a piece of jade bi, someone followed him to slander: "Zhang Yi is poor and his character is not good. He must have stole it." They arrested Zhang Yi, flogged it several hundred times before putting it back.


Zhang Yi's wife is more humane than Su Qin's family, and said distressedly: "Well, if you don't study and lobby, how can you suffer such a big humiliation."


Zhang Yi said to his wife, "Do you still see my tongue?"


His wife said, still there.


Zhang Yi said, this is enough.


When Zhang Yi heard Su Qinfei Huang Tengda, he went to visit and asked his brother to give him a hand.


Su Qin is more loyal than Pang Juan. At that time, he had a plan to promote the integration of the six countries, so he deliberately invited Zhang Yi to Qin to accomplish his respective careers, and deliberately ignored Zhang Yi who had come from afar.


Su Qin asked Zhang Yi to sit in the hall, ordered someone to bring him food for his servants, and told him that with your talents, you have fallen to this level and it is not worthy of my taking. After speaking, Zhang Yi was sent away.


Zhang Yi suffered a great humiliation at Su Qin's place, and went down to Qin in one breath.


Su Qin said to his confidants: "Zhang Yi is a wise man in the world, and I am not as good as him. Now I am fortunate enough to be reused by various countries, but Zhang Yi is the only one who can use Qin's authority. He is now impoverished and I am worried that he will only be greedy. It's a petty profit, so I humiliated him in public to stimulate his ambition."


Su Qin sent someone to secretly fund Zhang Yi so that he could meet


Since the reign of Emperor Qin Huiwen, the state of Qin gradually disintegrated the union of various countries, and built a solid foundation for the later Emperor Qin Shihuang to destroy the six kingdoms to unify the world, and Zhang Yi's strategy was indeed indispensable.


Su and Qin combined the six kingdoms and restrained the Qin with one person's power; Zhang Yi smashed the situation and weakened the six kingdoms with a continuous horizontal strategy. When the two came out of the mountain, they corresponded to the sentence in "Guiguzi":


In recent decades, with


When Zhang Yi promoted Lian Heng, he should be the rhino head.


The issue of the age of Su Qin and Zhang Yi is still a public case in historians, and it is still difficult to conclude.


We can’t overthrow the present and the past. After all, Tai Shigong kept a hand on purpose. The "Historical Records" said:

我们不能推翻现在和过去。毕竟,戴世功专心致志。 《史记》说:

Su Qin's ending was not happy, he did not succeed in retreating, but was punished with a car split.


Reality is sometimes crueler than myths, and some people love to read myths.


After the wonderful lives of the disciples of Guigu, their teacher Guiguzi gradually stepped onto the altar in the god-making movement of later generations.


The legendary Guiguzi has multiple titles such as political strategist, strategist, strategyist, Taoist master, etc., and


There are different opinions about Mr. Guigu’s surname and where is it located.


Some people say that Guiguzi's surname is Wang, and he is called Wang Xu, or Wang Chan. It was the poets of the late Tang Dynasty who first proposed this

有人说Guiguzi的姓是Wang,他叫Wang Xu或Wang Chan。这是唐末诗人首先提出的

Some people say that Guiguzi is called Liu Wuzi. This is what people in the Song Dynasty said. In the late Qing Dynasty, Yao Zhenzong questioned in the "Sui Shu Jing Ji Zhi": "The Song people pseudo-"Zi Hua Zi" said that the name of Gui Gu Zi was named Liu Ming Wu Zi...I don't know where to base it."


The existing historical materials of the Han Dynasty and the Pre-Qin Dynasty do not mention the name of Guiguzi. A large number of far-fetched legends of gods and ghosts also come from records after the Wei and Jin Dynasties, which cannot be verified by textual research.


As for the so-called "Guiguzi" has been banned for a thousand years on the Internet, I have not found the source. But in recent years, the highly regarded book "Guiguzi" has indeed been submerged in history for a long time.


According to legend, "Guiguzi" written by Guiguzi is a practical and methodological work. Guiguzi's pragmatism neither regulates people's minds with the principles of etiquette and law like Confucianism, nor does it emphasize passive behavior, quietness, and inaction like Confucianism. Naturally, it is not treated by some people.


Shouting "the people are noble and the king is light" and other benevolent slogans, but they do not agree with the Guigu theory.




Mencius resolutely opposed, saying, how can these people be considered big men?


In the Han Dynasty, someone asked scholars


Yang Xiong replied:

yang X IO那个replied:

Of course, the ancient "sages" did not want practical theories such as Guigu Studies to become popular. If there are more Sun Bin, Pang Juan, Su Qin, and Zhang Yi in the world, wouldn't it be fear that the world will not be chaotic?


The full text is over, thank you for your patience.


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