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飞艇冠军最稳计划_上港铁腰化身"牛皮糖" 央视解说:国家队该向他敞开

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飞艇人工在线计划稳  稿件来源:关尹 新民体育

With Hulk's penalty kick, SIPG defeated Guoan 1-0 in the focus of last night. It not only achieved seven consecutive kills against the "Yulin Army", locked the group's top spot, and scored 32 points at the same time. Shanghai SIPG also surpassed Guangzhou Evergrande to become the team with the most points after the first 13 rounds of the Super League. In other words, in this special season, SIPG is the best team in Suzhou and Dalian.


  Victory, to a certain extent, comes from confidence. Before the game started, coach Pereira publicly stated in a press conference,


   Guoan’s overall strength is of course not to be underestimated. It has a lot of strength to send foreign aid, the local players are basically at the national level, and there are two naturalized players Li Ke and Alan that can be used as domestic references. On the whole, they, like SIPG, belong to a team that can break the wrist with the overlord Guangzhou Evergrande and compete for the championship.


   But it is interesting that Guoan has been at an absolute disadvantage in the recent two or three years of competition with SIPG. Lost in the league, the FA Cup, and the Super Cup. Before last night's game, they had already lost six straight against SIPG in all competitions. Some people even joked that SIPG's fight against Guoan is a win. Sure enough, Guoan still lost the first battle last night.


Although Augusto, the core midfielder, was regrettably absent due to injury, which really compromised the strength of National Security, on the SIPG side, the Austrian center Anautović, who was originally determined to start, was temporarily withdrawn due to stomach upset the night before the game. The list, the impact is not small, after all, the team's preparations in the past few days have been around the fulcrum of Anau. At this time, captain Hulk stood up and not only made and scored penalties, he was also the most threatening player on the court.


   Similarly, SIPG's local players also showed their ability. Iron waist Yang Shiyuan incarnates "cowhide candy", clinging to Guoan's midfield engine, Biella, basically locking the opponent's performance. Even the CCTV commentator sighed: "The door of the national team should be opened to Yang Shiyuan." The starting striker Li Shenglong, despite not having so many chances to play, also ran tirelessly on the field, scrambled and nearly scored. The resilience and fighting spirit like them are the most lacking of many domestic players.


"Today's game we played very coherently. In the first half, the two teams had offensive and defensive, relatively balanced, the two teams were in the same level. In the second half, we had a lot of chances to score. We deserved this 3 points and deserved the top position. "After the game, Pereira concluded, "The game was very difficult and we showed a good mental outlook."


   This season, SIPG doubled Guo'an in two rounds and was firmly ranked first in the division. Although there is no chance to compete with Evergrande, judging from the performance of SIPG and several strong teams in the group, the ability to compete for the championship has improved a bit compared with last year. And one of the benefits of habitually defeating Guoan is that SIPG can rotate the lineup in the final round and even play on the bench. Pereira also admitted yesterday, "Yes, we will let more of the main players rest, and they are worthy of rest."






   When many foreign teachers come to China to coach, they will say to their players with heart and soul: to win the game that should be won. The focus of the battle with Guoan last night was a "match to win", and SIPG won.


   Of course, SIPG can also "abandon strategically". Already ahead of the opponent by 4 points, even if you lose, you still have a 1-point advantage in the group's first fight, and there is no problem in winning the final round. But things can’t be seen in this way. It’s important to build confidence in fighting between strong teams. For champions like Guoan, facing them can make winning a habit, which can greatly enhance the overall temperament of the team. Looking at it conversely, if you lose in a mess, you will probably carry a lot of psychological burden in the real life-and-death battle.


   Therefore, such a victory is very rich. What can it explain? Strong opponents like Guoan are fully capable of competing for the championship. Maybe the two teams will meet again in the knockout rounds later. This season's double killing of Guoan also reflects that SIPG is no longer "stunned" in the strong dialogue. This time it is Guoan, what about Evergrande next time?


   From the perspective of staffing, SIPG has improved compared with the previous two seasons. Anau's power has gradually emerged. The introduction of Maitijiang has achieved an upgrade in this link of the midfielder, and he has not hesitated to replace the well-used Ahmedov with the Premier League giant Muyi, which shows the club's ambition.




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