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On October 2, Korean local time, the 24th round of the 2020 Korean Football K1 League took the lead in a contest. In Ulsan, South Korea, the leader Ulsan Hyundai competes again with Sangju Sangmu. In the first two rounds, Ulsan Hyundai won with a big score, so they are also confident in this game. In terms of personnel, Ulsan Hyundai played with all the main force, and the determination to score 3 points was obvious. On the other hand, Sangju Shangwu continued to take rotation exercises and continued to inspect the team members. But this does not mean that they will give up. In fact, in the last round against Jeonbuk Hyundai, Sangju Sangmu's substitute also showed tenacious fighting spirit.


At the beginning of the second half, Ulsan Hyundai coach Kim Do-hoon replaced the assisted Park Jung-in with center Bjorn Johnson. And this substitution also brought them a chance to kill the game. In the 58th minute, Hong Zhe dribbled the ball into the penalty area, then Bjorn Johnson, who was outflanked, fell to the ground and stabbed the ball into the net, 3-1! Ulsan Hyundai killed the suspense of the game.


On October 3, local time in South Korea, the 24th round of the 2020 Korean Football K1 League continued to compete. In Gwangju, Gwangju FC and Daegu FC will compete for the AFC Champions League. Since the difference of 7 points between the two sides before, once Daegu wins, Gwangju, who is 10 points behind Daegu with 3 games left, has no hope of catching up with Daegu. In addition, Sangju Sangmu is not eligible for the new season AFC, so Daegu can announce three rounds in advance. Enter the new season AFC Champions League. Gwangju naturally does not want to be "adult beauty" at home. Although Gwangju lacks the three generals of Felipe, Wei Li'an and Hong Junhao, it still sent the strongest lineup to play; Daegu's Deyang and Edgar were free from the battle due to injury , Serginho and Jin Dayuan led the striker. Without the assistance of De Young and Edgar, can Serginho still be able to play alone?

10月3日,韩国当地时间,2020年韩国足球K1联赛第24轮继续比赛。在光州,光州足球俱乐部和大邱足球俱乐部将争夺亚冠联赛冠军。大韩民国两分之差,大邱获胜后,光州落后大邱仅剩10分,仅剩3场比赛,光州就没有希望追赶大邱。此外,尚州尚武没有资格参加新赛季的亚足联,因此大邱可以提前宣布三轮比赛。进入新赛季的亚冠联赛。光州自然不愿在家中成为“成人美女”。尽管光州缺少费利佩,魏立安和洪俊浩的三名将军,但它仍然派出了最强大的阵容。大邱的德阳和埃德加因受伤而脱离战斗,塞尔吉尼奥和金大渊率领前锋。如果没有De Young和Edgar的帮助,Serginho还能继续独自玩吗?

The second half of the game changed sides to fight again. Daegu is still the main attacker, and Gwangju FC, which only wins to retain its place in the AFC, began to try to strengthen the offense through substitutions. The appearance of Kim Hyo-ki is the team’s offensive signal. But under the strong pressure of Daegu, due to the lack of breakthrough masters like Wei Li'an, Gwangju FC did not have any chance to organize a counterattack. In the 51st minute, Daegu made a pass from the wing, Serginho jumped in front of the goal, and Yin Pingguo struggled to block the ball again.


On October 3, local time in Korea, the final match of the 24th round of the Korean Football K1 League in the 2020 season began to compete. Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors ushered in the challenge of the Pohang Ironman at home. Since the start of the championship group last season, Jeonbuk has won all three times against Pohang, and Pohang’s captain Choi Rongjun had to evade because of loan to Jeonbuk. Therefore, in this game, Jeonbuk is also determined to win. Gustavo, Barrow and other players are all on the stage. Although Pohang lacks a captain, it is also sending the strongest lineup under its command. Last season, they influenced the ownership of the league championship. Can they do the same this time?


At the beginning of the second half, Jeonbuk took the initiative. In the 54th minute, Gustavo's header hit the goal beam, and Jeonbuk missed the goal again.


On October 4th, local time in Korea, the first match of the relegation group of the 24th round of the 2020 Korean Football K1 League kicked off in Gangwon. Gangwon FC, which had no victory at home recently, ushered in the challenge of Seongnam FC. In the last round, Gangwon defeated Busan 2-0, while Seongnam defeated Incheon 0-6. For both sides, one is to strive for a winning streak and the other is to get rid of a losing streak. As it was a contest between the relegation group, both sides did not dare to neglect, and tried their best to make the main debut. Due to the red card in the last round of Chengnan, they are relatively not the main force in this game, which also laid a hidden danger for the game.


At the beginning of the second half, Gangwon almost finished the goal. In the 49th minute, Gangwon got a corner kick and ambush Lin Chaemin jumped to the goal with a header. The ball hit the goalpost and popped out. Gangwon almost rewritten the score.


Seongnam's defeat in Gangwon gave Busan hope! On October 4, local time in South Korea, the second match of the relegation group of the 24th round of the 2020 Korean Football K1 League kicked off in Seoul. Busan IPark, who changed coaches after the end of the last round, challenged FC Seoul without a coach in the away game. Since the previous Busan League was at the bottom, this game cannot be missed. The injured Romulo entered the bench, while the main players such as Lee Ting-hye, Park Jong-woo, and Lee Dong-jun all entered the big list. Seoul only made some minor adjustments. Teenager Zheng Hanmin returned to the starting lineup again, while the injured Kim Namchun was replaced by Yoon Youngsun. For Seoul, after losing the "National Derby", the team also fell into confusion. In theory, they are also in danger of relegation. In the previous 5 games, Seoul has not lost at home, and they hope to continue to score points out of the crisis at home.

城南在江原的失败给釜山带来了希望! 10月4日,韩国当地时间,2020年韩足K1联赛第24轮保级小组的第二场比赛在首尔开幕。在上一轮结束后更换了教练的釜山IPark在客场比赛中没有教练的情况下挑战了汉城。由于之前的釜山联赛排名垫底,因此不能错过本场比赛。受伤的Romulo进入了替补席,而李廷慧,朴钟佑和李东俊等主要选手都进入了榜单。首尔只做了一些小的调整。少年郑汉民再次回到首发阵容,而受伤的金南春被尹永sun取代。对于首尔来说,在输掉了“国家德比”之后,车队也陷入了混乱。从理论上讲,他们也有降级的危险。在过去的5场比赛中,首尔还没有在主场输球,他们希望继续在这场家庭危机中得分。

Due to Busan's victory, Incheon United returned to the bottom of the list, so their contest with Suwon Samsung Blue Wings became a life and death battle. On October 4th, local time in Korea, the last match of the relegation group of the 24th round of the 2020 Korean Football K1 League was started in Incheon. Incheon United, who beat Seongnam 6-0 in the last round, ushered in the Suwon Samsung Blue Wings, who won the "National Derby" in the last round. Since Incheon beat Suwon 1-0 at home this season, they are also confident. Montenegro center Mugosa, who refused to be recruited by the national team, led the striker and teamed up with Aguilar. Kim Do-gyun, who scored twice in the last round, also played double midfielders with Kim Jun-fan, who opened the scoring last round, and Incheon put on a strong offensive lineup. For Suwon, Park Jian-ha maintained the starting lineup that won the last round of "National Derby". Except for Lee Ji Di, who replaced Park Sang-hye, the other ten players were consistent with the previous round.

由于釜山的胜利,仁川联队回到了榜首,因此他们与水原三星蓝翼队的比赛成为一场生死战。 10月4日,韩国当地时间,2020年韩国足球K1联赛第24轮保级小组的最后一场比赛在仁川开始。在最后一轮以6-0战胜城南的仁川联队迎来了水原三星蓝翼队,后者在上一轮赢得了“国家德比”。由于仁川本赛季在主场以1-0击败水原,他们也很有信心。黑山中锋穆格萨拒绝了国家队的招募,他带领前锋与阿吉拉尔联手。在最后一轮打进两球的金道g还与在上一轮打入得分王的金俊范打了两次中场,而仁川则拥有强大的进攻阵容。对于水原来说,朴建厦保持了首发阵容,赢得了最后一轮的“国家德比”。除了取代朴相惠的李智迪外,其他十名球员与上一轮比赛一致。

The backward Incheon was eager to tie the score, and Suwon also got a counterattack opportunity at the same time, and the actions of both sides began to increase. First, Suwon striker Han Seo-hee ran a long distance from the backcourt and was overwhelmed by his opponent in the penalty area, but the referee on duty turned a blind eye.

后进的仁川急于追平比分,水原同时也获得了反击机会,双方的行动也开始增加。首先,水原前锋韩瑞熙(Han Seo-hee)从后场跑了很长一段距离,在罚球区被对手压倒了,但当值裁判员对此视而不见。

DF: Hong Chee (Ulsan), Jung Seung Hyun (Ulsan), Lin Chaemin (Gangwon)


MF: Lee Young Jae (Gangwon), Yoo Jae Moon (Daegu), Park Jong Woo (Busan), Kim Tae Hwan (Suwon)


FW: Song Min Kuo (Pohang), Han Seo Hee (Suwon), Bjorn Johnson (Ulsan)


Gangwon FC VS Incheon United (19:00, Chuncheon Songam Sports City)

江原FC VS仁川联合(19:00,Chuncheon Songam Sports City)

10.17 (Saturday)


Sangju Sangmu VS Daegu FC (14:00, Sangju Citizens Stadium)


Seongnam FC VS FC Seoul (16:30, Tancheon Sports Complex)


10.18 (Sunday)


Busan IPark VS Suwon Samsung Blue Wing (14:00, Busan Gudeok Stadium)

釜山IPark VS水原三星蓝翼(14:00,釜山古德体育场)

Jeonbuk Hyundai VS Gwangju FC (16:30, Jeonju World Cup Stadium)


Pohang Triathlon VS Ulsan Hyundai (19:00, Pohang Steel Park Stadium)


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