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Good morning, and welcome to the Mingqiu Di Zaobao on October 19!


In a Premier League game that ended early this morning, Spurs took a 3-0 lead in the first half. In the second half, Bell, who returned to the team on loan, also ushered in his "second first in Tottenham". Show". However, the return of the Great Sage was not perfect. The more frustrated and courageous West Ham United in the final moments of the game, the Jedi counterattack, pulled three goals in a row, tied Tottenham. It is worth mentioning that Bell also missed an opportunity created by himself before West Ham United scored a tie.


In addition, Liverpool's official website stated that Van Dijk, who was injured and left the field in the Merseyside derby, was injured and will undergo surgery. Some media said that the Dutch central defender is afraid of missing the rest of the season.


In domestic football, the Super League relegation group and the championship group are also in full swing. In the highly anticipated Shanghai Derby, the two sides handed in a blank paper. However, Henan Jianye defeated Wuhan Zall 1-0 and got the chance to relegation.


At 23:30 on October 18, Beijing time, in the fifth round of the Premier League, Tottenham Hotspur played at home against West Ham United. Sun Xingyun broke the deadlock less than one minute after the opening, and then Kane extended the score to 3-0 with two consecutive cities, and Tottenham took the lead at halftime; but in the second half, West Ham scored two goals in 4 minutes to tie the score to 2. -3 and equalized by Rancini World Wave in the countdown stage! The two sides fought 3-3! Bell came off the bench in the second half to complete his first show.

北京时间10月18日23:30,在英超联赛的第五轮中,托特纳姆热刺主场对阵西汉姆联。开场不到一分钟,孙星云打破僵局,然后凯恩连续两个城市将比分扩大到3-0,热刺在半场领先。但在下半场,西汉姆(West Ham)在4分钟内攻入两个进球,将比分追平至2。-3在倒计时阶段被朗西尼世界波(Rancini World Wave)压平!双方打了3-3!贝尔在下半场替补席上完成了他的第一场表演。

Liverpool officials stated that Van Dijk had injured his knee ligament and would undergo surgery.

利物浦官员表示,范·迪克(Van Dijk)受伤了膝盖韧带,将接受手术治疗。

At 19:35 on October 18, Beijing time, the second stage of the Chinese Super League championship team ushered in the Shanghai Derby, and Shanghai Greenland Shenhua played against Shanghai SIPG. In the first half, Yan Junling was hit by Bi Jinhao in the face and retreated. Shenhua scored zero in the half. In the second half, Wang Shenchao and Fu Huan missed the chance to score goals, Mbia's goal line rescued, Zeng Cheng repeatedly made wonderful saves, Zhao Mingjian was injured and retreated. In the end, Shenhua drew 0-0 with SIPG.


At 15:30 on October 18th, Beijing time, in the second stage of the Super League relegation group match, Henan Jianye played against Wuhan Zall. The referee of this game was horsepower. In the first half, Evra made a threat, Bassogo made a point, Dorado took the penalty kick and the ball was saved, but then he followed up and scored, Song Zhiwei missed the equalizer; in the second half, Nahor fell in the penalty area Ground, but the referee did not say that in the end Henan 1-0 Wuhan.


At 22:00 on October 18th, Beijing time, in the sixth round of the Second Division, the Spaniard challenged Vallecano away, but Wu Lei missed due to injury. Both sides made many mistakes in the first half, and the scene was lacklustre. In the second half, Puado's offside led to an invalid goal by the Spaniard, and Palazon made a lore. In the end, the Spaniard 0-1 Vallecano.


According to the Mirror, Barcelona expects Messi to leave the club next summer, and at the same time go to the Premier League to join Manchester City.


According to multiple media reports, Van Dijk may miss all the remaining games due to ligament surgery.


In the early morning Beijing time at Manchester City's home game against Arsenal, Aguero touched the opponent's shoulder while communicating with the female lineman Marcy. This move caused a lot of controversy. Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola said after the game that Aguero is the best person he has ever met and that the outside world should not make trouble in this matter.


In the Premier League’s focus on the Merseyside derby, Liverpool’s substitute goalkeeper Kelleher’s suspected sleep was captured by the broadcast.


According to "Marca" news, Getafe player Enjom was photographed making a call to Fati. He said at the time: "I was just 18 years old and just flopped like this?"


The German transfer market compared the number of fans on social media in major clubs with the number of fans of the team's head star. Among them, Ronaldo has nearly 6 times as many fans as Juventus, and Messi has nearly twice as many fans as Barcelona.


According to TalkSPORT news, Everton player Risha Lisson released a controversial screenshot after posting an apology on social media, angering Liverpool fans.

根据TalkSPORT新闻,埃弗顿球员里沙·里飞艇人工在线计划稳森(Risha Lisson)在社交媒体上道歉之后,发布了一个有争议的屏幕截图,激怒了利物浦球迷。

On October 18, Beijing time, in the German U19 Youth League, Dortmund challenged Ruudby's opponent Schalke 04 in an away game. Dortmund's 15-year-old prodigy Mukoko once again performed a hat-trick to help the Hornets win the Derby 3-2.

北京时间10月18日,在德国U19青年联赛中,多特蒙德在客场比赛中挑战Ruudby的对手Schalke 04。多特蒙德15岁的神童穆科科(Mukoko)再次表演了帽子戏法,以帮助黄蜂队3-2击败德比。

In this round of the Super League, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan drew 2-2 with Shandong Luneng Taishan. The game was broadcast live on Beijing TV. Commentator Wei Yidong and guest Wang Changqing commented together.


Today, Beijing time, the "Qilu Evening News" published an article commenting on the controversial penalty in the battle between Luneng and Guoan, stating that the reporter colleagues in the writing work area believed that the ball was okay. Could it be that the reporters dozens of meters away will see it better than the referees on the field? Better?


In the early morning of October 19th, Beijing time, the head coach of the national football team sent his congratulations to his former teacher after watching the Premier League Tottenham's 3-3 draw with West Ham in the middle of the night.


SIPG goalkeeper Yan Junling, who retired from injury in the first round of the Shanghai Derby, reported safety to the fans via Weibo after the match, saying that he felt better, and joked that he was "not looking good."


In an interview with UEFA, FC Dynamo Kyiv coach Lucescu talked about the difference between Messi and Ronaldo’s playing style. He said: “Messi can do a lot by himself, but Ronaldo needs everyone’s help."


In the fifth round of the Premier League Merseyside derby, Liverpool drew with Everton 2-2 away. At the end of the game, Risalisson was sent off with a red card for shoveling Liverpool midfielder Thiago. Thiago was also injured and sent to the hospital. Liverpool officials have not yet announced the specific injuries.


Ibrahimovic scored twice in the Milan Derby and helped Milan beat Inter Milan 2-1. After the game, he reviewed his return to Milan and described his desire for the game.


Former Barcelona club president Laporta posted on social media to comment on the Barcelona-Getafe match. He wrote: "Messi was elbowed and it was a red card. Maybe the referee was angry at Real Madrid's loss."


In an interview with ZDF Sports, Dortmund Watzke talked about the transfer rumors of Sancho and Manchester United. He said: "Manchester United has seriously misjudged Sancho's transfer operation."

在接受ZDF Sports采访时,多特蒙德·沃茨克谈到了桑乔和曼联转会的传言。他说:“曼联严重误判了桑乔的转会行动。”

After Shandong Luneng's 2-2 draw with Beijing Guoan, former international Xu Liang commented on the controversial penalty in this game. He believes that the penalty awarded to Luneng in the game yesterday was "no problem", but the penalty awarded to Guoan was "a bit far-fetched."


In recent days, a fierce conflict broke out between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The two countries used attack drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles to attack each other, and the war has progressed to a fever pitch. Recently, there have been bad news that an Armenian player lost his life in the war.


According to the "Sun" report, former Manchester United star Evra derailed during his marriage and secretly had two children with a young woman.


15: 30 CSL group: Qingdao Huanghai Huanggang vs Guangzhou Fuli

15: 30 CS l group: Qing到Huang还Huang港vs Guangzhou F U里

19: Chongqing Contemporary vs Jiangsu Suning

19: 重庆当代vs江苏苏宁

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