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As long as you are a fan, regardless of authenticity, I believe you will not be unfamiliar with this photo:


Maradona's "Hand of God", one of the two classic shots of the 1986 World Cup between Britain and Argentina. England and Argentina, the two teams had forged a lot of ties in the 1966 World Cup, and the "Falconian Island War" four years ago made the two countries hate one day and two places. Therefore, from the moment when the quarter-final matchup was determined, this European and American style collision became the focus of attention of fans all over the world. In the end, Maradona, who was half an angel and half a devil, fulfilled the promise of "to avenge the Argentine boys who died in the Falklands", led the team across England, advanced to the semi-finals, and finally won the Hercules. cup.


In 1986, it has been 8 years since the Argentina team won the World Cup last time. That year they won the Hercules Cup in the finals of the Netherlands and it was also one of the classic World Cup matches. But before that, their 6-0 victory over Peru to squeeze Brazil out of the result was very controversial. Before that, Argentina had only scored six goals in all games. Later revealed information showed that there was a deal between the governments of Argentina and Peru about this game, and Peru, who got the benefits, deliberately lost the game with the score needed by the Argentines.


According to these secret information, Argentina spent a lot of money to qualify for the finals for the national team because the military government headed by Galtieri needed a local World Cup champion to give the people a shot, so that the people temporarily forget about the economic huge. The problem is to forget about the large number of left-wingers who have suddenly disappeared from society, and at the same time to improve Argentina’s bad image in the world at the time. When they launched a coup two years ago, some countries refused to come to Argentina to participate in the World Cup. After various mediations, Argentina This crisis was resolved.


This championship played a role. The domestic situation in Argentina has temporarily stabilized. Galtieri has also become the president after being fully affirmed by Reagan. However, the new president was okay in fighting for power and gains, and he had no achievements in governance. After the effect of the cardiotonic dissipated, the popular support rate in Galtieri was quite low. Protests against the military government can be seen everywhere on the street. In order to alleviate the ruling crisis, Galtieri played a trick of transferring contradictions.


This time, the tool Galtieri used was the Malvinas Islands in the east of Argentina. Galtieri declared that Falkland Islands is Argentine territory and the British must return it. He gave two main reasons: First, Falklands is close to our home; second, the Spanish colonial government once occupied the island (Philippines and Vietnam). I often use these two reasons to talk about things). However, Galtieri’s statement is good, but it was the British who first discovered the island, so if the British responded with "since ancient times", it would be fine.


However, at this time, Britain has long lost the glory of the empire that never sets in the past. For overseas colonies, they no longer have enough energy to manage and control. Margaret Thatcher, who practiced "petty government", agreed to Argentina's request. Defense Secretary John Knott immediately drafted a withdrawal plan and prepared to gradually withdraw from the Falkland Islands.

但是,此时,英国早已失去了从未有过的帝国的荣耀。对于海外殖民地来说,他们不再有足够的精力进行管理和控制。实行小政府的玛格丽特·撒切尔(Margaret Thatcher)同意阿根廷的要求。国防部长约翰·纳特(John Knott)立即起草了撤军计划,并准备逐步从福克兰群岛撤军。

Galtieri's attitude is very tough. If you want to leave, just go right away, don't fix those who are squeaky and crooked. After the two sides collapsed, Galtieri used this as a reason to dispatch troops quickly, taking advantage of the weak defense of the British to occupy Falklands. The Argentine army, which had not fought much for more than a hundred years, under the command of a president who was an engineer, defeated the British Empire, one of the "Five Constants", greatly excited the people's hearts, and marched on the streets. The slogan immediately changed from opposing the government to overthrowing Britain, and Galtieri’s approval rating soared.


In fact, for more than 20 years, Britain and Algeria have been negotiating on the Falklands issue, but no one in the previous administrations was like Galtieri, who did it directly. Although the British did not have the energy to control overseas colonies, they would not fail to fight back if they were beaten. Thanks to the rapid response mechanism and mobilization speed of the national army, the British assembled a large-scale task force in just 2 days. The number of soldiers reached 20,000. During the 13,000-kilometer voyage, the British A detailed combat plan was made, but Galtieri was always immersed in the excitement of the early victory. The staff's suggestions for immediate expansion of the island's airport and speeding up the transportation of food were all scolded by him.


The end of the war has been doomed from the very beginning. Whether it is plotting or slashing diplomacy, the British have the upper hand. Reagan and other European and American leaders usually call Galtieri brothers, but the Argentine president's trick of playing with public opinion is clearly seen. Therefore, even if one hundred things were not pleasing to the eyes of the United Kingdom before, it was on the bone. No one wants to endorse a gambler. After France, the Netherlands and other countries announced an embargo on Argentina, the Argentine air force stopped cooking. After the Argentines occupied the Falklands for only two months and more than ten days, the British recovered the island.


Water can carry a boat or overturn a boat. Galtieri, who played with public opinion, has not escaped the fate of being overthrown by the people, but the long-term nationalist propaganda has allowed the Argentines to retain their hatred of the British. Coincidentally, four years after being withdrawn from the battlefield, Argentina and England collided again in the football match-the 1/4 finals of the 86 World Cup, the British-Argentina battle of worldwide concern.


Perhaps we should be fortunate that one side in this game is Argentina led by Maradona, a leftist football representative. They will not play the game into a steady and half-dead rhythm like the European academies usually sniff at. From the very beginning, the charm of Argentine football was vividly shown to the global audience. Of course, this also allowed Maradona to attract a lot of "black feet" intentionally or unintentionally. Although Maradona was used to such a scene from the first game against South Korea, the English defense still gave them. Created a lot of trouble.


In the 51st minute, the deadlock in the match was broken. Maradona divided the ball to Valdano. The latter failed to stop the ball, but the England defender did not handle it well. The ball flew to the small penalty area and Marado. Na grabs the ball before Hilton hits. As everyone knows, this goal was scored by Maradona with his hands, but the referee ruled that the goal was valid. Even Maradona and his teammates were surprised by the referee's penalty. After Maradona confirmed that the referee's penalty was valid, he quickly greeted his dumbfounded teammate: "Come and celebrate with me! Or else The referee has to blow it off!"

在第51分钟,比赛的僵局被打破。马拉多纳将球分配给瓦尔达诺。后者没有阻止球,但是英格兰后卫并没有很好地处理。球飞到了禁区和马拉多。 Na在希尔顿命中之前抓住球。众所周知,这个进球是马拉多纳用手得分的,但裁判员裁定该进球有效。甚至马拉多纳和他的队友都对裁判的处罚感到惊讶。在马拉多纳确认裁判的处罚是正确的之后,他迅速向他傻眼的队友打招呼:“过来和我一起庆祝!否则裁判必须将其宣告废除!”

In this way, the Argentina team gained a lead. After the game, Maradona faced reporters' questions and left a famous saying: "The goal was half by Maradona's head and half by the hand of God." From then on, the "Hand of God" has become Synonymous with this goal. God’s blessing seems to have played a role. Even if Maradona described himself as "like a thief who stole the wallet of an Englishman" in his autobiography, few people deliberately accused Maradona, even the British themselves. It is the Maradona platform.


For example, "The Guardian" reporter Murray said: "The actions used by Fenwick of the England team to greet Maradona were not wronged by giving four red cards, but he only got one yellow card, and Argentina looked for it again. Who makes sense?" British journalist Jonathan Wilson also stated in his book "Dirty Angels: Argentine Football", "People can easily determine that it is a handball from photos, videos and slow motion, but in the scene It is very difficult between the flashes of light and light. The BBC commentator Barry Davis at the scene always thought that the dispute between the England team and the referee was because of Maradona's offside."

例如,《卫报》记者默里说:“英格兰队的芬威克向马拉多纳打招呼的举动并没有错,因为他给了四张红牌,但是他只得到了一张黄牌,阿根廷再次寻找它。感?”英国记者乔纳森·威尔逊(Jonathan Wilson)在他的《肮脏的天使:阿根廷足球》一书中也表示:“人们可以通过照片,视频和慢动作轻松地确定它是手球,但在场景中,光与光之间很难闪烁。英国广播公司(BBC)评论员巴里·戴维斯(Barry Davis)在现场时始终认为,英格兰队与裁判之间的争议是马拉多纳的越位行为。”

Since then, there have been many cases where handball goals have been judged to be valid, but none of them has been forgiven by people like the old horse, and they have been given the name of God. In addition to the England team's own defensive actions and tolerance for misjudgments, what is more important is that Maradona then used a terrifying journey of thousands of miles to conquer the world. This goal has been played countless times in various programs.


Regarding this goal, even the British cannot deny its greatness. BBC commentator Barry Davis said: "You must admit, this is a wonderful goal, he is really a football genius." Even Tsushima Hilton, who Radona hated to the bone, also heartily acknowledged the greatness of this goal. Obviously, compared to the "hand of God", the status of this goal in people's hearts is more important.

关于这一目标,即使是英国人也不能否认其伟大之处。 BBC评论员巴里·戴维斯(Barry Davis)说:“您必须承认,这是一个了不起的目标,他确实是一名足球天才。”甚至Radona讨厌骨头的Tsushima Hilton也衷心地承认这个目标的伟大。显然,与“上帝之手”相比,这一目标在人们心中的地位更为重要。

As Maradona later said: "Without God's hand, I can also lead the team to win the championship." No one would deny this. Therefore, in people's minds, this handball can only be regarded as a small episode. Despite the general trend, even if the referee ruled that the goal was invalid, it would be difficult to resist Maradona's "avenging the lads who died on Falkland Islands", and it would be difficult to resist Maradona's victory in this battle of the gods, which would change the entire match. To become his own World Cup.


However, no one on the court can stop Maradona, and Maradona also cannot change the fact that the war is lost and the country is weak. In the Falklands War, the Argentine pilots, like their players, had superb combat skills. In the early days of the war, they repeatedly damaged or even sunk British warships. But their country did not have a systematic military industry and their weapons were heavily dependent on France. The pilots are brave, and it is difficult to save the defeat.


The same is true for Argentine football, Maradona, Caniggia, Ortega, Batty, Ayala, Veron, Saviola, Cambiasso, Messi, Dybala... count these The name of the star, we found that since 1986, Argentine football has always been talented, and there has been almost never a failure to pick up. This is very rare in world football, but after 86 years, they have never lifted the Hercules. cup. Even if Maradona alone leads Naples and northern Italy's tycoons hard, he can't carry Argentina to the top of the world again.


Maradona, the Argentine star, and the pilots above the Falklands are all tragedies under "the country is too weak and the individual is too strong." The Argentine fighters are very brave, but their supreme commander is a wine bag and rice bag who knows nothing but power; Argentine stars are emerging in endlessly, but Maradona’s skills are so exquisite, how unreliable the Argentine Football Association is. , Wasted the ambitions of many outstanding players and coaches.

阿根廷明星马拉多纳和福克兰群岛上空的飞行员都是“国家太弱,个人太强”的悲剧。阿根廷战士非常勇敢,但他们的最高指挥官是一个酒袋和一个饭袋,他们除了权力外一无所知。阿根廷球星层出不穷,但马拉多纳的技术如此精湛,阿根廷足协多么不可靠。 ,浪费了许多优秀球员和教练的野心。

Maradona is not a person who can win by "God's hand". On the contrary, if you want to limit him, you need to use some less glorious means. Perhaps, the "hand of God" really angered God and no longer cared for Argentine football. I hope that the Argentines can take care of themselves and bring the Hercules Cup back to the Pampas.


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