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Good morning, dear friends, and welcome to watch the Qiudi Morning News on September 28.


There are so many competitions on the weekend, so exciting not to be missed. After Bayern's 8-0 victory in the league opening game, this round was defeated by Huo Cun. Such a giant who had just conquered the top of Europe overturned his car in the second round, which is really surprising. Back defense operation to eat? Don't worry, Manchester City will soon have a full set of full banquets, so you can't sleep until you eat. Blue Moon played at home with a fantastic start from Polo King World. However, three of the next four defenders gave points one after another. Fox City’s Vardy faced Manchester City for the second time, and Guardiola’s team first single Five goals were poured on the field. Ake felt aggrieved: I came to be a student, how come I became a teacher? Ruben Dias is close to joining, will Manchester City's defense team change?

周末有很多比赛,令人兴奋不容错过。拜仁在联赛首场比赛中以8-0取胜后,本轮被霍村击败。这样一位刚刚征服了欧洲最高峰的巨人在第二轮中将他的赛车推翻了,这实在令人惊讶。背部防御手术吃什么?不用担心,曼彻斯特城很快就会有全套宴会,让您在吃饭之前无法入睡。 “蓝月亮”在主场打球,开创了Polo King World出色的开局。但是,接下来的四名后卫中有三名接连得分。福克斯城的瓦迪第二次面对曼城,瓜迪奥拉队的第一个单打五球就被丢进了球场。阿克感到委屈:我成为一名学生,我怎么成为一名老师?鲁本·迪亚斯(Ruben Dias)即将加入,曼城的防守团队会改变吗?

At 21:30 on September 27, Beijing time, in the second round of the Bundesliga, Bayern played away against Hoffenheim. In the first half, Bichakcic scored the first goal. Dabur used Bayern's defense error to expand the score. Bichakcic left the field without contact, and Kimmich shot back a goal from a long distance. In the second half, Zilkeze hit the crossbar, Lewandid came off the bench to strengthen the offensive, Klamarić volleyed and scored, Neuer sent a point in stoppage time, Klamarić hit a penalty kick, in the end, Bayern lost 1-4 to Hoffen Heim.


At 23:30 on September 27, Beijing time, in the third round of the Premier League, Manchester City vs. Leicester City. In the first half, Mahrez volleyed and scored, Vardy made a point and scored the ball himself. In the second half, Castagne assisted Vardy to score. Garcia knocked down Vardy and was sentenced to a penalty kick again. Vardy made a penalty kick to complete the hat trick. Madison World Wave. Ake scored a header and pulled back a goal. Sisi hit a penalty kick to seal the victory, and in the end, Leicester City 5-2 Manchester City.

北京时间9月27日23:30,在英超联赛的第三轮中,曼城对莱斯特城。在上半场,马赫雷斯抽空得分,瓦尔迪(Vardy)得分并亲自得分。下半场,卡斯塔涅飞艇人工在线计划稳助攻瓦迪(Vardy)得分。加西亚击倒了瓦迪,并再次被判罚点球。 Vardy罚点球完成帽子戏法。麦迪逊世界浪潮。阿克(Ake)头球攻门,皮球入球。西斯(Sisi)罚点球赢得胜利,最终莱斯特城5-2曼彻斯特城。

At 22:00 on September 27th, Beijing time, in the third round of La Liga, Atletico played against Granada at home. In the first half, Costa scored with a header and Saul missed a penalty. In the second half, Correa and Felix scored one after another. Suarez, who came off the bench, first assisted Lent to score, and then scored another goal. Molina pulled back one city and Suarez scored twice before the end. In the end, Atletico Madrid 6-1 Granada.


Benfica Club issued an official statement that the transfer of defender Ruben Dias to Manchester City has been completed.


The UAE club's Dubai victory officially announced that they have signed Guangzhou R&F striker Saba.


At 15:30 on September 27, Beijing time, Shanghai Greenland Shenhua faced Henan Jianye in the 14th round of the first stage of the Chinese Super League in Dalian. In the first half, Shenhua occupies the attacking rhythm on the court. Bi Jinhao helped the team open the situation, and Peng Xinli repeatedly made threats in the frontcourt and scored twice. At the end, his supplementary shot was invalid because of offside; in the second half, Bi Jinhao again It was a barb attempt in the penalty area that caused a threat. In the end, Shenhua 2-0 Henan entered the championship group. The next stage of the game will also be staged in the Shanghai Derby.


At 03:00 on September 28th, Beijing time, the third round of La Liga continued, with Barcelona playing at home against Villarreal. In the first half, Fati scored twice with a wonderful pass from Alba and Coutinho, and then broke into the penalty area to make a point. Messi freely picked a pass and made Paul Torres an own goal. In the second half, Messi's two-footed threats were resolved by Asenjo. In the end, Barcelona beat Huang Qian 4-0 at home.


At 03:00 on September 28th, Beijing time, in the fifth round of Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain challenged Reims away. In the first half, Mbappe assisted Icardi to score, and then Paris got many opportunities but failed to score again. In the second half, Mbappe again assisted Icardi to score. In the end, Paris 2-0 Reims.


At 21 o'clock on September 27, Beijing time, in the third round of the Premier League match, Tottenham played against Newcastle United. At half-time, Loselso and Kane made threats. Newcastle goalkeeper Dallow performed well, but then Kane Assist Lucas Jr. broke the deadlock on the field. Sun Xingmin shot twice and hit the goal frame. In the second half, Kane and Lo Celso tried several more shots, but none of them caused much threat. Dell sent a handball in stoppage time. Wilson scored a goal, Mourinho's assistant Sacramento received a red card after the game, Tottenham 1-1 Newcastle.

北京时间9月27日21点,在英超联赛的第三轮比赛中,热刺对阵纽卡斯尔联。中场休息时,洛塞尔索和凯恩(Kaane)构成威胁。纽卡斯尔门将达洛表现出色,但随后凯恩·Assist小卢卡斯打破了场上的僵局。孙兴民射门两次,命中了球门。下半场,凯恩(Kane)和卢·塞尔索(Lo Celso)再尝试了几次,但没有一个造成太大威胁。戴尔在停机时间发送了一个手球。威尔逊打进一球,穆里尼奥的助手萨克拉曼多在赛后热刺1-1纽卡斯尔获得了一张红牌。

At 02:45 on September 28, Beijing time, the second round of Serie A, Roma vs. Juventus. In the first half, Rabiot sent a handball, Weilertu took the penalty and scored, Ronaldo made the penalty and tied the score, Weilertu made another victory. In the second half, Cristiano Ronaldo's header equalized the score, and Rabiot was sent off after turning two yellows and one red. In the end, Juventus 2-2 Roma.


At 00:00 on September 28, Beijing time, the second round of Serie A continued, AC Milan challenged Crotone away. In the first half, Rebic made a point, Casey made a fist and Kayar hit the crossbar with a header. In the second half, Diaz turned around and scored a shot, Kronic shot the frieze, Leibic retired from injury. In the end, Milan beat Crotone 2-0 away.


At 00:00 on September 28, Beijing time, in the second round of Serie A, Naples played against Genoa at home. In the first half, Lozano opened the record and retired due to an injury from Signe. In the second half, Zelinsky and Mertens scored goals, Lozano scored twice, and then Elmas and Politano added icing on the cake. In the end, Naples beat Genoa 6-0 at home.


At 00:15 on September 28th, Beijing time, the Spaniards in the third round of the second round challenged Real Oviedo. The first half of the game was dull, and Wu Lei's header from close range was saved by the goalkeeper. After Wu Lei's center post was replaced in the 59th minute in the second half, De Thomas scored twice as a substitute. In the end, the Spaniard 2-0 Oviedo.


At 20:00 on September 27, Beijing time, in the 14th round of the Dalian Division of the first stage of the Chinese Super League, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao played against the Dalian native. In the first half, Paulinho's rush to attack the goal was bravely resolved by Xu Jiamin, and Talisca repeated risks. In the second half, Exxon's head gave Shan Pengfei an own own goal. After Long Dong's head was thrown, a long-range free kick hit the crossbar. In the end, Evergrande defeated Dalian 1-0.


At 15:30 on September 27, the 14th round of the first stage of the Chinese Super League, Shenzhen Kaisa and Jiangsu Suning ushered in a duel. Li Ang was knocked down by Praliganji in the penalty area and Teixeira made a penalty. Jiangsu team led 1-0 at halftime. In the second half, Yang Boyu received a red card and was sent off. Jiangsu team still scored 1-0. The score was maintained until the end of the game, and the Shenzhen team missed the top four in the championship.


At 15:30 on September 27, Beijing time, in the 14th round of the Dalian Division of the first stage of the Chinese Super League, Shandong Luneng Taishan played against Guangzhou R&F. In the first half, there were few opportunities for both sides, and Wang Huapeng's low shot was slightly wide of the post. In the second half, Moises hit the post from a long distance, Guo Tianyu's push was resolved by Han Jiaqi's side throw, and Lu Lin freehand lob was thrown. In the end, Shandong drew 0-0 with R&F and finished the first stage of the Super League with the third place in Dalian.


After Benfica’s official announced Ruben Diaz’s transfer to Manchester City, the Portuguese super giants also officially announced that Otamendi had transferred from Manchester City to their team for 15 million euros.


According to German Sky Sports, Bayern lost to Barcelona in the battle for Ajax defender Durst. The Bundesliga giant will turn to a new goal. Norwich defender Aarens is a potential candidate.


According to the Times, in the Premier League against Arsenal, Klopp may not be able to send Thiago and Alisson.


Mourinho confirmed after the game that Sun Xingmin suffered a hamstring injury and will rest for a while. Mourinho replaced Sun Xingmin in the midfield of the game.


Schalke 04 officially confirmed that the team has parted ways with coach Wagner.


Recently, reporter Shen Wei broke the news that a team in the championship group initially decided to "open the foreign aid supermarket" and play the second stage of the game with the Chinese class. Immediately afterwards, a reporter broke the news that this team was Chongqing Modern.


According to Saudi media reports, Jiangsu foreign aid Teixeira has reached an agreement with the Saudi team Riyadh Crescent and will officially complete the transfer in the summer window next year.


The schedule for the second stage of the Chinese Super League has been released, which will begin on October 16, and the championship of the season will be decided on November 12.


Shandong Luneng Taishan head coach Li Xiaopeng said at the post-match press conference that he actually prefers to play against old opponents like Guoan. He also expressed the hope that everyone will be more tolerant to players, referees, and the media. This year's situation is special. Everyone will make mistakes and we need to overcome difficulties together.


Betis lost to Real Madrid 2-3 at home. After the game, goalkeeper Robles, who performed well in the game, accepted an interview and expressed his dissatisfaction with the referee.


According to the "Mirror" report, Manchester United player Rashford called on the government to provide more free lunch and food subsidies for poor students, but the Minister of Education refused to support his approach. In this regard, Master La believes that the government lacks humanistic care for poor students.


Chelsea coach Frank Lampard talked about the team's conceded goals in an interview with Sky Sports. He said: "Chelsea's three goals conceded are all obvious mistakes.


On September 24, Beijing time, in the 13th round of the Super League, Jiangsu Suning played against Guangzhou Evergrande. During the game, veteran Zheng Zhi kicked water bottles for three consecutive times on the sidelines to vent his dissatisfaction, which triggered extensive discussions. In this regard, senior international referee Wang Xuezhi said in the "New Vision of Sports" program that Zheng Zhi must control his emotions.


Tottenham drew with Newcastle United in the third round of the Premier League. After the game, coach Mourinho attended the press conference.


Mourinho fired again after Tottenham’s draw with Newcastle. He said that Tottenham’s penalty zone seems to be different from others. He does not want to comment on VAR. If he wants to donate money, he will donate to charity instead of the FA.


Recently, Dengqiudi accepted the invitation of La Liga, and together with the media from all over the world, the new player Parejo of Villarreal had an exclusive interview.


Wu Lei recently posted a photo of himself and his son walking on the streets of Barcelona, ​​with a caption saying: "Spider-Man flew to save the world."


According to the "Sun" quoted by the "Daily Star", a Chelsea player had no knowledge of his girlfriend's cheating, and the third was an Arsenal player.


15: CSL Beijing Guoan vs Shijiazhuang Yongchang

15: CS l Beijing GU O安vs Shijiazhuang Yong长

15: CSL Tianjin TEDA vs Wuhan Zhuoer

15: CS Lt Ian进Ted AVS Wuhan Z活儿

20: CSL Chongqing Contemporary vs Shanghai Shanggang

20: 中超重庆当代vs上海上钢

20:00 Chinese Super League Hebei China Fortune Plaza vs Qingdao Yellow Sea


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