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飞艇冠军最稳计划-打脸!上海不差钱难阻被屠28分 洋帅+豪华阵容并非包打天下

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On October 18th, Beijing time, the new local tyrant team Shanghai's team building policy is "not bad money." They spent another season crazy money signings, but in the opening match, the double foreign aid lineup was slammed by the all-China class. A 28-point rout made the new local tycoon face a complete loss. The team's double foreign aid Fredette scored only 14 points in 5 of 10, Deng Meng only scored 1 point and 5 turnovers in 2 of 0, and the local lineup was lost by Sun Minghui. Fighting with Hu Jinqiu became the root of Shanghai's defeat.

北京时间10月18日,新的土豪团队上海的团队建设政策是“不差钱”。他们又度过了一个疯狂的赛季签约赛季,但在首场比赛中,双重援援阵容被全中国阶级抨击。 28点的溃败使新当地的大亨完全蒙受了损失。车队的双重外援弗雷特特(Fredette)在10中的5中仅获得14分,邓猛在0中的2中仅获得1分和5个失误,当地的阵容被孙明辉输掉。与胡锦涛的战斗成为上海失败的根源。

When Shanghai spent money like the earth in crazy signings last season, especially after signing a big contract to sign Li Gen and signing three foreign aids, such a luxurious lineup eventually turned into a joke. Li Gen became the representative of "high salary and low energy", and the three foreign aids became single foreign aid in the rematch stage, which caused Shanghai to miss the playoffs 7 rounds ahead of schedule, and Li Qiuping was also fired in the middle of the season.


After Shanghai's failure in one season, their team-building policy during this year's offseason has not changed, and they continue to adhere to the principle of not bad money. Shanghai will send Li Gen away even if it loses money, and they will continue to bear the bulk of Li Gen’s salary, and they will continue to spend money to introduce local players such as Liu Zheng and Kolan Beike, plus a lot of money to sign double foreign aid lineup Fredette, Dun Meng.


Undoubtedly, before the start of the season, Shanghai was optimistic about being able to counterattack. After all, the paper lineup in Shanghai is already extremely luxurious, and the former NBA assistant coach was signed as the coach. It's just that Shanghai is not really ready for the new season. After all, with the crazy defeat of the all-China Banguangsha, Shanghai has been completely defeated in all aspects, and the loss is also incomplete.


Shanghai is optimistic about the fact that they have a luxurious foreign aid lineup, and Shanghai also enjoys the preferential policy of three times against all-China teams in four quarters. However, the two super foreign aids in Shanghai are extremely struggling. Fredette, who has returned to the CBA for the first time in a season, has not yet recovered the level of the former CBA Best Foreign Aid Award winner. He scored 14 points and 4 assists in 5 of 10 in this campaign. The performance is extremely mediocre, especially the perimeter three-pointers are 1 for 5 crazy irons.


When Fredette has not yet recovered his status, he naturally has a great influence on the Shanghai team. After all, he is the core of the team's tactics. In addition, another foreign aid, Deng Meng, was also a big killer when he played for Zhejiang, but he only scored 1 point in 2 0 in this campaign, but sent 5 mistakes madly, this state is also terrible.

当弗雷迪特尚未恢复状态时,他自然会对上海队产生重大影响。毕竟,他是球队战术的核心。此外,另一名外援邓萌在效力浙江队时也是一个大杀手,但他在这场运动中仅以2 0拿下1分,但发了5个错误,这种状态也很糟糕。

Of course, there are still some bright spots in the performance of Shanghai's local players. Luo Hanchen scored 20 points and 5 assists in 6-for-9, and once started a confrontation with Sun Minghui. However, Luo Hanchen met Sun Minghui, who can now compete for the first local point guard. The Guangsha core used a 41+7+7 violent performance to crush Luo Hanchen.

当然,上海本地球员的表现仍然有一些亮点。罗汉臣在9投6中得到20分和5次助攻,并开始与孙明辉进行对抗。但是,罗汉辰遇到了孙明辉,孙明辉现在可以竞争首位本地控球后卫。广厦核心队以41 + 7 + 7的猛烈表现击败了罗汉臣。

As for Liu Zheng, who switched from Guangsha to Shanghai, he played extremely hard against the old boss, but his front sight with 15 points on 14 shots was not good. Kolan Baker also shot 10 points on 10 shots and was equally inefficient. In addition, Dong Hanlin and He Zhongda were both 3 in 8 and Luo Xudong. 4 in 1 class. Shanghai's overall performance is not good, and Guangsha only Sun Minghui and Hu Jinqiu have scored 72 points. Such crazy performance makes Shanghai's defensive end useless.

至于从广厦搬到上海的刘铮,他和老老板打得很辛苦,但他的准星却以15分14球的表现不佳。科兰·贝克(Kolan Baker)也以10次投篮命中10分,同样效率低下。此外,董翰林和何中达三分之三都是罗旭东。四合一课程。上海的整体表现不佳,仅广厦只有孙明辉和胡锦秋就获得了72分。如此疯狂的表现使上海的防守端毫无用处。

Shanghai has an extremely luxurious lineup on paper and can also enjoy a better foreign aid policy. After all, they were the last four teams last season. It's just that Shanghai's lineup is facing the problem of being re-kneaded into a whole. How to form an effective chemical reaction as soon as possible is the key to whether Shanghai can make a breakthrough.


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