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飞艇冠军最稳计划-【疯言】有人说穆雷像是7年前的库里 而这次轮到他来抗詹了

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Fans must have known for a long time that the NBA regular season and playoffs are two games. Of course, I have always sneered at those who hold the view that the "playoffs are more important than the regular season", because the NBA's regular season and the playoffs have different qualities of players and teams, and the two games have their own characteristics. It is a one-sided stupidity to distinguish between each function subjectively. The regular season is the furnace of the playoffs, and the playoffs are the test of the regular season.


However, one thing is undeniable-if you want to become a superstar in the absolute sense, then in addition to the regular season performance, you must undergo the baptism and testing of the playoffs.


Every year in the NBA playoffs, several young talents are born, such as Curry in 2013 and Murray this year.


In 2013, the 25-year-old Curry finally embarked on his first playoff journey in his life. The Warriors ranked sixth in the Western Conference in the regular season and faced the Nuggets in the first round of the playoffs. After many years, we can say without exaggeration that the Warriors management will continue to follow this set of people to win the future, and the Warriors dynasty that will be the foundation of the next few years is this round of the series.


Why do you say that?


Because just in this round of the series, Curry (plus the god of soup) gradually made the league realize that three-pointers can be used as a conventional weapon on the basketball court. The previous Suns, Kings, Warriors, they did not The real reason for being able to take advantage of outside firepower is probably just because their shooting is not good enough.


Especially in G4, Curry used one after another unreasonable three-pointers, so that the CCTV host had no way to explain the game normally. The Nuggets team was busy for a whole game and scored 6 three-pointers. The Warriors Curry scored 6 three-pointers alone; the other Warriors made 5 three-pointers, and the final score was 115-101. The Warriors won by 14 points.


Just to talk about one detail-at the end of the third quarter of G4, Curry counterattacked a step beyond the three-point line, raised his hand and threw it. This kind of scene is not uncommon in today's games, but at the time, Lawson retired. And Chandler didn't even realize that Curry dared to shoot in this way during the fast break. It was a joke about his career, but Curry made it, and made it more than once. McGee, who came from behind, was expressionless and sluggish. He didn't understand the reason for this scene.


This round of the series allowed everyone to see Curry’s advantages: the highest shooting accuracy in NBA history, the fastest shooting speed in history, good core strength, perfect breakthrough rhythm, exquisite passing techniques and overall view, Cunning little technique and super hand-eye coordination ability and super fast reaction power.


In addition, in this round of the series, the Warriors also tested the tough levels of the three rookies Barnes, Dreamcatcher and Azeri, allowing the Warriors management to see that the rookies of their choice can become the cornerstone of the future.


The most important point is that Curry used his own performance to completely conquer Iguodala, and he was recruited in the summer. This joining completely constituted the Warriors' unique death five in the future, and also opened the Warriors' dynasty journey.


In the subsequent Western Conference semifinals, Curry met the old Spurs, and was a little bit flat. At that time, he was not so good at military training inside. So Popovich frequently replaced Curry with Dior from the third game. Caused devastating trouble for Curry. In the Spurs series, Curry's three-point shooting percentage fell below 36% and his field goal percentage was 40.5%. He was eventually eliminated by the Spurs.


Before that, Curry gave people three impressions: pitcher, aura, and glass man. However, in the 2013 playoffs, the world saw a young man who changed the era and the concept of basketball, rising up in a burst way. This year is the point of view on Curry’s road to the gods, and it is also for opponents. A shot of horrible memories.


Let me talk about Murray.


Recently, especially after the start of the playoffs, many people have compared Murray with Curry 7 years ago. To some extent, they do have some similarities.


Like Curry, Murray's main scoring method is shooting, and he is also good at difficult shots. Whether it is a loss of balance or a double defense, he can maintain a stable shot most of the time.


Of course, if you compare shooting skills alone, the entire 74-year history of the NBA will not find a player stronger than Curry. Murray is no exception. At present, his overall shooting ability is still a step behind Curry. , This gap is mainly manifested in shooting speed and shooting rhythm.

当然,如果仅比较射击技巧,整个74年的NBA历史将找不到比库里更强大的球员。默里也不例外。目前,他的整体投篮能力仍落后于库里。 ,这个差距主要表现在射击速度和射击节奏上。

Curry has the fastest hand speed in the league, and Curry is not very dependent on shooting rhythm, catching and shooting, fake dribbling after catching the ball, using the pick-and-roll pad to stop jump shots, multiple changes and fake moves Subsequent shots after closing the ball, shooting with the ball in place, retreating after holding the ball, strong shots after the confrontation, and shooting rates are very impressive, which presents a difficult puzzle for the defender.


Murray's dribble shots and retreat shots are very solid, but the emergency stop jumpers after the pick-and-roll and the breakthrough in the control of the shooting rhythm appear to be single and weak. Once in the inside, he always likes to find a confrontation first, and after opening the defender, he uses his strength to balance his body and complete a jumper. After his breakthrough, he likes to complete the jump shot by turning around, and his hit rate is good. We rarely see him step forward and complete the shot like Curry.


Murray's breakthrough is not as subtle as Curry's rhythm and small fake moves, but he is better at making physical contact than Curry——


His static physical fitness is much better than Curry, especially his core strength, which is one level higher than Curry of the same age. We often see Murray break through to the inside, under high-intensity confrontation, he can complete incredible shots and maintain a high shooting rate.


Murray is good at pick-and-rolls, even better than Curry, who is the same age, using pick-and-rolls to tear the opponent's defense. Of course, the inside ability of the partners when the two are the same age is also different. When Curry had dream chasing as the fulcrum for the inside screen, the pick-and-roll efficiency was significantly improved by a notch. In the last quarter of G6 in the Western Conference semifinals last season, the Warriors only played one tactic. Curry chased the pick-and-roll and directly sent the Rockets back to their hometown. Pick-and-roll chasing has become Cole’s killer that he doesn’t easily make a move until the critical moment.


The two-man game between Murray and Jokic is obviously much better than Harris and Jokic in previous years. The two players have no dead ends in shooting, combined with Jokic’s terrifying coping ability, so that Murray and him can not only cooperate with the ball pick and roll, but also can play well without the ball. It can be said that Mu The pick-and-rolls of Ray and Jokic are becoming more mature and stable, marking the Nuggets' transformation from a top-notch team to a championship contender.

Murray和Jokic之间的两人比赛显然比往年的Harris和Jokic好得多。两位球员在投篮方面没有死胡同,再加上约基奇的惊人应对能力,因此默里和他不仅可以配合接球和掷球,而且可以在没有球的情况下发挥出色。可以说,Mu Ray和Jokic的挡拆变得越来越成熟和稳定,标志着掘金队从一支顶尖的队伍转变为冠军争夺者。

Murray and Curry are both aura guards. Needless to say, Curry, in addition to shooting, his creativity and instant reaction ability when dealing with offense is also the league's top, and Murray is the same. Although the Nuggets currently do not have many opportunities for him to dominate the ball, he has the same beating and smooth shadow of Curry on the offensive end, whether he is attacking independently or creating opportunities for his teammates.


There is another thing that can make Nuggets fans happy, that is, after passing the first two rounds of the series, Murray is finally able to deal with double teams proficiently. Curry was still afraid of double teams in the 14-15 season. After double-teaming, he will still fall into it. Harden is so strong that it is still difficult to dismantle the opponent's double-teaming tactics. After paying the tuition for two games with the Clippers' G3G4, Murray completely found the way to handle the ball after double-teaming, the timing of the ball and the principle of the next running route. It can be said that through the first two rounds of the series, Murray at this moment and Murray a month ago are no longer the same.


At almost the same age, Murray was like Curry back then, absorbing knowledge frantically, asking for any nourishment that could help him grow from the field and seniors. He is still young, young enough to pass a round of playoffs to enrich his arsenal and enrich his experience.


Sometimes I have to feel that youth is really a beautiful thing.


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