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Club: Bayern


Previous position: left wing


Current position: left back


Whether the effect on the team meets expectations: Yes


The initial transfer fee for Davis to join Bayern was 9.84 million pounds. If you add performance-linked bonuses, the maximum can reach 16.66 million pounds, which set a record for the sale of major league players. Of course, Davis didn't go to the bench. But the question is that Bayern already has Gnabry, Koman, Perisic and Mueller in his position. Can Davis be accepted?


The 19-year-old player often commits crimes against opposing defenders in front of the scene and then crosses to Lewand. So his main position on the court is actually on the left near the center line.


Compared with his position in the Whitecaps, Davis’s current position is actually different in two points: 1) He must sprint back to the left back area to defend from time to time to prevent Bayern from being counterattacked; 2) Give more to the front Players on the field provide support instead of cruising to the center or even attacking on the right.

与在白帽队中的位置相比,戴维斯目前的位置实际上有两点不同:1)他必须不时地向左后卫区冲刺,以防止拜仁遭到反击; 2)发挥更多优势场上的球员提供支持,而不是巡航到中锋甚至进攻右边。

Club: Manchester City


Previous position: Defensive midfielder


Current position: Central defender


Whether the effect on the team meets expectations: No


The poor performance of Stones and Otamendi this season has forced Guardiola to pin their defense hopes on the team's midfielder Fernandinho and even Rodri-letting them serve as a central defender. In fact, in the 34 games that Fernandinho played this season, 31 times he played as a central defender.


As a result, his average clearance per game has increased from 2.61 last season to 3.20 this season, and the number of ball possessions has risen from 1.55 per game last season to 3.51 this season.


Fei Niao did his best when it was needed by Guarana, so Manchester City's defeat this season cannot be blamed on him. However, judging from the requirements of the central defender position alone, he did not play a corresponding role. He lacks the sense of position a central defender should have, and can't keep up with those fast forwards-he is 34 years old after all.

Fei Niao在瓜拉纳队需要时竭尽全力,所以不能把曼城本赛季的失败归咎于他。但是,仅从中央后卫位置的要求来看,他没有发挥相应的作用。他缺乏中央后卫应有的位置感,也无法跟上那些快速前锋的步伐-毕竟他今年34岁。

"The central defender should be played by someone. I think Fei Niao is not suitable for playing a central defender. He is better at midfield and I hope he can return to his original position as soon as possible," Manchester City defender Richards said to Sky Sports in March.


Fei Bird is a last resort to play as a central defender, and his performance is beyond reproach, but he did not bring the expected results to Manchester City. We also hope that he will not have to be frequent guest defenders.

费德·伯德(Fei Bird)是担任中央后卫的不得已的手段,他的表现无可非议,但他并没有为曼城带来预期的结果。我们也希望他不必成为常任客串后卫。

Club: Juventus


Previous position: right wing


Current position: right back


Whether the effect on the team meets expectations: Yes


Quadrado also transitioned from a winger position to a guard. After Cancelo joined Manchester City, his playing time at Juventus has been greatly improved this season. Quadrado has also played as a guard before, but only occasionally, before this season, he has played a total of 10 guards. In other words, he didn't come to Juventus to play right back. But like Davis, he became one of the most consistent players in Europe this season at the full-back position.

Quadrado也从边锋位置转换为后卫位置。 Cancelo加入曼城后,本赛季他在尤文图斯的比赛时间有了很大的改善。 Quadrado之前也曾担任过后卫,但在本赛季之前,他只是偶尔担任过10个后卫。换句话说,他没有来尤文图斯打球。但是像戴维斯一样,他在本赛季的后卫位置上成为欧洲最稳定的球员之一。

Quadrado and Davis also have similar playing styles. Their positions have been slightly retreated compared to last season, but they have been given a lot of offensive freedom. The team allows and even encourages them to attack forward and provide support for the frontcourt.


In Serie A this season, Quadrado can create 1.57 opportunities per game, and the number of appearances in the opponent's front court has also increased from 5.07 per game last season to 7.73 this season. His assists and goals have also reached the level of last season-2 assists and 1 goal. This is the result of Surrey’s trust, and such a position change is undoubtedly very successful.


And the 31-year-old Columbia star's previous winger experience has brought a lot of help to his defense. Quadrado has made 46 steals this season, ranking 14th in Serie A, while averaging 6.17 times per game to regain the ball.

这位31岁的哥伦比亚巨星以前的边锋经验为他的防守带来了很多帮助。 Quadrado本赛季已经取得46次抢断,在意甲中排名第14位,平均每场获得6.17次夺回球权。

"Quadrado is balanced offensive and defensive", Sarri told the Italian Sky TV in October last year. "The only thing he needs to improve in the right-back position is one-on-one. In a confrontation, he falls too easily, and it will be due to some Unnecessary steals take cards. But I believe that under the guidance of Balzali, he will overcome these problems."

萨里去年10月对意大利天空电视台说:“夸德拉多在攻守两方面都飞艇冠军最稳计划取得了平衡”。 “他在右后卫位置上唯一需要改善的就是一对一。在对抗中,他太容易摔倒,这是由于一些不必要的抢断卡造成的。但是我相信在巴尔扎利,他将克服这些问题。”

Quadrado is not a substitute for Cancelo, but an upgraded version. He has the same offensive output as Cancelo, while defensively is more stable. This is exactly what Sarri needs, especially when Inter Milan and Lazio are chasing Juventus this season.


Club: Barcelona


Previous position: Center


Current position: left wing


Whether the effect on the team is up to expectations: currently not


"His first season at Barcelona reminded me of Coutinho," Brazil and Barcelona legend Rivaldo said in March. "At the previous club, they performed very well. But after coming to Barcelona, ​​they He can't copy his previous performance. I think he needs to contribute more to show his true strength and become a decisive member of Setien."

“他在巴塞罗那的第一个赛季让我想起了库蒂尼奥,”巴西和巴塞罗那传奇人物里瓦尔多(Rivaldo)在三月说道。 ``在之前的俱乐部中,他们的表现很好。但是来到巴塞罗那之后,他们无法复制他以前的表现。我认为他需要做出更多的贡献以展现自己的真正实力并成为Setien的决定性成员。''

So far, Griezmann has not established a real connection with Messi on the court as many people hope. Although Barcelona is now at the top of the La Liga list, Real Madrid behind them have been eyeing.


Of course, we can't say from this that Griezmann played very well on the left side of Barcelona. Before playing under the disciplined Simeone, Griezmann could quickly adapt to Setien's high-pressure style. If Griezmann's improvement in status continues, then diehard Barcelona fans will accept him sooner or later.


 Okay, so this change isn’t technically something new for Antoine Griezmann — the France international rose to prominence on the left flank with Real Sociedad between 2009 and 2014. However, during his five-year stay at Atletico Madrid, the 29-year-old had to learn how to become a true centre-forward in Diego Simeone’s robust 4-4-2 formation. His task there was to be the first line of defence as Atleti soaked up pressure. He showed

好的,对于安托万·格里兹曼(Antoine Griezmann)来说,这种变化从技术上来说并不是什么新鲜事物-法国国际球员在2009年至2014年间与皇家社会队一起在左路占据了突出的位置。但是,在他效力于马德里竞技队的五年期间,他29岁老将不得不学习如何在迭戈·西蒙内的强劲4-4-2阵型中成为真正的中锋。随着Atleti施加压力,他的任务是第一道防线。他表现出

Of course, Griezmann departed for Barcelona last summer and in doing so, was forced back out onto the left thanks to the Blaugrana having Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi at their disposal. So, how has he coped with

当然,格里兹曼(Griezmann)去年夏天出发前往巴塞罗那,由于布劳格拉纳(Blaugrana)安排了路易斯·苏亚雷斯(Luis Suarez)和莱昂内尔·梅西(Lionel Messi)的支持,被迫退回了左边。所以,他如何应付

“His first season is reminding me of Coutinho’s,” Brazil and Barca legend Rivaldo said of Griezmann in March. “Both were playing great football when they arrived at the club but didn’t manage to

“他的第一个赛季让我想起了库蒂尼奥,”巴西和巴萨传奇人物里瓦尔多在三月谈到格里兹曼时说。 “当他们到达俱乐部时,两个人都踢着很棒的足球,但没有设法

1. immense [ɪˈmens] adj. huge, very good


2. catalyst [ˈkætəlɪst]n. catalyst, stimulus


3. revert [rɪˈvɜːt]v. revert, restore

3.恢复[rɪˈvɜːt] v。恢复,还原

4. discontent [ˌdɪskənˈtent]n. dissatisfied; adj. dissatisfied


5. replicate [ˈreplɪkeɪt]v. copy

5.复制[v.replɪkeɪt] v。复制

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