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"Women's volleyball spirit is not only present when we win, but always exists. Sometimes we know that we can't win the championship, and we do our best without caring about the victory or defeat. This belief has always been there and has never changed. "


In a recent interview, Zhu Ting, the leader of the Chinese women's volleyball team, talked about her views on the spirit of the women's volleyball team. One of the most critical points is that the spirit of the women's volleyball team is most concerned about not abandoning or giving up in the trough.


As athletes, not giving up in the trough is a noble professionalism, but as the supporters behind, can we not abandon in the trough as well?


There was once such a proud Chinese, and the glory he brought to the whole China in the competition is no less than that of the women's volleyball team. He was also awarded the "Moving China" Person of the Year. But in the downturn of his career, the pressure, accusations and doubts he faced were as fierce as a scourge.


His name is Liu Xiang, the former Chinese flying man.


In the track and field, the competition for hegemony between European and American athletes is always the main theme. The yellow race is only occasional. For example, Wang Junxia, ​​the first gold medalist in long-distance running in the Chinese Olympic Games, won the women's 5,000-meter gold medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games and set a world record. But when it comes to absolute dominance in a project, Liu Xiang can be called the first person to break the ground.


After Liu Xiang entered the national team in 1999, after two years of hard work, 2001 became the beginning of the flying man's miracle. On August 28 of that year, at the Universiade, Liu Xiang won the 110m hurdles championship with a time of 13.33 seconds. This was China's first track and field gold medal at the Universiade, and it was also the first world championship Liu Xiang himself won.


In July 2002, at the Swiss International Athletics Federation Grand Prix, Liu Xiang ran a time of 13.12 seconds, breaking the Asian record for the men's 110-meter hurdles and declared the men's 110-meter hurdles into the "Liu Xiang era".


On August 28, 2004, in the men’s 110-meter hurdles final of the Athens Olympics, the night of miracles that all Chinese are familiar with, Liu Xiang won the gold with a time of 12.91 seconds, breaking the Olympic record and tying it with British player Colin. Jackson set a world record and became the first men's Olympic champion in Chinese track and field.


The greatest moment came on July 12, 2006. In the men's 110-meter hurdles final of the Lausanne IAAF Super Grand Prix, Liu Xiang broke the men's 110-meter hurdles world record for 13 years with a time of 12.88 seconds. . Although this record was broken by long-time rival Robles with 12.87 seconds in 2008, Liu Xiang miraculously tied Robles' score in 2012, but because of the wind speed at the scene, it was not recognized.

最伟大的时刻发生在2006年7月12日。在洛桑国际田联超级大奖赛的男子110米栏比赛决赛中,刘翔以12.88秒的时间打破了男子110米栏比赛的世界纪录,为13年。 。尽管这一纪录在2008年以12.87秒的时间被老对手罗伯斯(Robles)打破,但刘翔在2012年奇迹般地追平了罗伯斯(Robles)的得分,但由于现场的风速,它并未得到认可。

In addition, Liu Xiang also won the first gold of a Chinese player in the IAAF Finals, becoming the first athlete in the history of the Asian Games to win three consecutive 110-meter hurdles, creating the legend of four championships in track and field.


With such a brilliant record, it is no exaggeration to call Liu Xiang a legend. However, two withdrawals made Liu Xiang's career once shrouded in controversy.


After Athens won the championship and created the "ninth miracle", Liu Xiang undoubtedly became China's national pride. On the eve of the Beijing Olympics, the British "Times" once wrote an article "Liu Xiang, the expectations of a nation", which specifically analyzed Liu Xiang's Olympic prospects. The article wrote: "Failure will be a disaster for him, and for many supporters of Liu Xiang. And for all Chinese, it will also be a disaster."


However, the last thing everyone wants to see still happened. On August 18, 2008, the heavy expectations of 1.3 billion people still overwhelmed Liu Xiang's Achilles tendon. When warming up, he tentatively crossed three hurdles, and then suddenly fell to the ground with an expression of pain. But after a simple treatment, Liu Xiang still stood on the starting line.

但是,每个人都希望看到的最后一件事仍然发生。 2008年8月18日,对13亿人的强烈期望仍然压倒了刘翔的跟腱。热身时,他试探性地越过了三个障碍,然后突然带着痛苦的表情跌倒在地。但是经过简单的治疗,刘翔仍然站在起跑线上。

The starting gun rang, Liu Xiang sprinted for a few steps before stopping with a limping leg, and walked back to the rest area alone. At this time, the broadcast on the court rang, "Chinese athlete Liu Xiang retired due to injury", the audience was in an uproar, and some people cried.


Another Olympic Games of Liu Xiang is over. Just like four years ago, he is still at the center of public opinion, but what is surging is not flowers and applause, but questioning, ridicule and even abuse.


In the face of the rumors, Liu Xiang did not make a strong counterattack. He has always been calm and chose to improve himself in tolerance, and even after healed from his injury, he chose to change the eight-step hurdle to the seven-step hurdle. At this time, Liu Xiang has already After the golden age and the technology has taken shape, such a big change is very risky, but Liu Xiang's determination to fight again has been revealed.


In 2012, after four years of hard work, Liu Xiang returned to the top position in the world men's 110-meter hurdle after five years of absence in the first two months of the Olympic Games. This is already another miraculous performance.


On the afternoon of August 7, 2012, Liu Xiang stood on the runway of the men's 110-meter hurdles preliminaries for the London Olympics. This time he was wearing No. 1356 uniform as he did four years ago.


What everyone didn't expect was that, like a joke of fate, this "unlucky" number brought bad luck. After the game started, Liu Xiang hit the hurdle in the first hurdle and fell to the ground, losing hope of promotion.


This time, we don’t know what the expressions of the thousands of supporters behind the TV are. Is it consternation, numbness, or sadness?


Without help from anyone, the injured Liu Xiang climbed up and jumped into the athlete's channel on one foot. After hesitating in the channel for a few seconds, Liu Xiang returned to the arena, supporting the entire jump on one foot.


At that time, the commentator of the CCTV live broadcast of the game was Yang Jian. He said with a cry of voice: "Liu Xiang is a fighter. When he knew that he might not be able to run to the end, he flew up. This flight reminded me of this. To Athens. Thank you Liu Xiang for the glory he has brought us over the years."


Later, at the London Olympic Reporting Seminar held by CCTV in Beijing, Yang Jian’s tearful explanation of the behind-the-scenes story was also revealed. At that time, CCTV had received news of Liu Xiang’s Achilles tendon injury before the game and performed four sets of related injuries. Interpretation plan for withdrawal.


Generally speaking, with such a big hidden danger of injury, athletes can choose to retire early. After all, it is not very worthwhile to do this kind of big gamble at the end of their career.


But Liu Xiang's choice was still firm and bold, even though he finally got the most tragic ending, I believe he never regretted it.


After retiring in 2015, Liu Xiang's appearance rate dropped drastically. Maybe many 10 generations no longer know who Liu Xiang is. Liu Xiang has participated in several reality shows and served as a promotion ambassador for the Beijing IAAF World Athletics Championships. However, apart from his divorce case, once Liu Xiang is mentioned on the Internet, he is almost always looking back at his two withdrawals. .

在2015年退休后,刘翔的出场率急剧下降。也许许多十代人不再知道刘翔是谁。刘翔参加了几次真人秀,并担任北京国际田联世界田径锦标赛的推广大使。但是,除了他的离婚案,一旦互联网上提到刘翔,他几乎总是回头看看他的两次提款。 。

Regarding Liu Xiang's two retirements, there are various opinions in public opinion.


After the injury in Beijing, someone once criticized Liu Xiang for not insisting on finishing the track as "no sportsmanship". However, Liu Xiang kissed the hurdles at the London arena and was ridiculed as "show performance". There were also voices questioning if Liu Xiang's team was aware of the injury The seriousness, why not notify in advance, and the reason for insisting on participating in the competition has been developed into a variety of conspiracy theories, including sponsors exerting pressure, not wanting to give young players opportunities, and so on.


Perhaps we are all thinking too complicated. This is just a 29-year-old veteran who is still passionate about contributing to the sports cause of the motherland. When Liu Xiang left the game in London, the foreign audience applauded him. As his compatriot, he should have been the most solid backing. Why should he be treated so harshly?


On the football field, it is not uncommon for players to encounter situations similar to Liu Xiang. No matter how high a goalkeeper has resisted before, a single error may cause him to suffer verbal criticism. No matter how many achievements a striker has built, Not entering an empty door can also make him fall into a whirlpool of public opinion.


The cruelty of competitive sports is a fact, but these cruelties should be limited to the arena. Athletes are humans, not machines. We should give them enough understanding off the field, especially those who were once kings. Ageing and injury are all uncontrollable factors. They should not bear the consequences for the passage of time.


Liu Xiang participated in 48 world competitions, 36 championships, 6 runners-up and 3 thirds. Please remember the glory he once brought to the whole country, not just his 2 retirements.




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